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Being a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is a person that personifies a brand. They embody the values and purpose and can connect with clients, customers and prospective audiences.

As Salti Instructors you make the ideal brand ambassadors. You’re fitness trained, positive and engaging so clients look to you for instruction, support, and the motivation to get back on that float! They trust your opinions and with your help we can combat the low levels of participation in physical activity by promoting Salti. You also play a key role in retaining clients and welcoming new-comers.

Why are Brand Ambassadors important?

Salti is a growing company and we have set out to achieve some big goals! Salti instructors are the key person who leaves a long lasting impression on our participants. So with you representing Salti and advocating our brand, it will enable us to spread those Salti Vibes across Australia and eventually the world.

  • Clients can trust in you as you provide them with an authentic, personalised experience with Salti
  • Your passion for health, fitness and wellbeing can be utilised to encourage others to do the same
  • Embodying the positive, motivating and fun qualities that make a Salti group fitness class can help participants feel welcomed and ready to come back for the next session
  • People value real recommendations and word of mouth
  • You can gather important feedback to improve your own classes as well as feedback that helps the Salti Network and our HQ

Getting started as a brand ambassador can be as simple as chatting to your friends! Don’t feel like you have to set up lots of social media accounts or get heaps of Instagram followers, we want you to do what feels natural to you! Here’s some ideas….


  • Talk about Salti – in person and online
  • Utilise social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Be honest and open
  • Speak from personal experience
  • Remember that you are representing the entire Salti Network
  • Be positive, motivating, and inspiring


  • Speaking negatively – about colleagues, clients, or Salti
  • Publicly expressing controversial opinions
  • Trying too hard – just talk about what comes naturally
  • Going overboard – Don’t forget to keep things balanced
  • Not listening – Some of the best ideas stem from collaboration

And remember that we’re here to support you. If you need anything from us, have any ideas or your centre is preparing a fun event, let us know! We value each of you and we’re excited you are growing with our network.

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