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Training tip: transitions and linking exercises

Intelligent sequencing and linking exercises will help you create a class that flows with ease. Here are some tips to get your classes moving effectively, efficiently and smoothly.

  1. Group exercises by Float positioning
    If participants are in a supine position for crunches, what other exercises can you include while they are in the same position?
    Some examples include glute bridges or tricep dips. Then progress to a different position. Always aim for at least two exercises in the same position rather than asking your participants to move from standing to seated to prone etc. They may start to feel like a puppet! Especially as it can be challenging for some to move around on the Floats quickly.

  2. Transitioning from seated to standing
    It can be easier for some participants to move from a pike/downward facing dog and then walk or jump to the centre of the Float. This creates a more stable transition to standing, and also a less fearful one for some. Another option is a forward fold to standing if they are already positioned in the centre of the Float.

    This is also a great cuing tip – If they’re in a downward facing dog, cue them to walk or jump to the centre (not to the front, remember the centre is where they need to be for standing exercises) and stay in a forward fold until you’re ready for them to come into standing.

  3. Add a jump!
    Do you need to transition your participants to face the side rather than pool deck? Get your participants to jump instead of stepping. It’s far more effective to change directions with a jump rather than a step. And a lot of fun too once they get the hang of it. (Then throw in a continuous jump challenge!)

  4. Take it slow
    Moving around your Salti Floats is hard work! Remember to allow sufficient time for your participants to move from one exercise to another.

  5. Prepare for the next exercise early
    If you program is timed, prepare them! Let them know during their rest time what position they need to be for the next exercise so they know what’s coming and can mentally prepare, or take the time to move from seated to standing (see Tip #4).

Let us know how you go with these tips below!

What tips would you like to see? Drop us a comment below or send us an email

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