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Update | Blue bungee recall (tether ropes)

Hi venues & instructors,

Does your venue use blue bungee cords? If so, we wish to advise you that new replacement ropes will be issued shortly. An email was sent out to key contacts from Salti venues who use these ropes to advise of the recall.

New marine quality ropes have been sourced and are currently being shipped to our head office in Canberra. We apologise for the delay in the arrival of these ropes. We had extensive delays due to shipping and Covid-19.

As soon as they arrive at our HQ, they will shipped to you immediately.

Please note the blue bungees can still be used, however if they start to display any signs of weakness, rust, fraying or breakage, please discontinue to use them immediately to ensure the highest level of safety during your classes. Any other high-quality water safe ropes can be used as an alternative in the mean time. Please pass this information onto your instructors/operations team to ensure equipment is being checked prior to use.

We thank you for your patience during this time. We will notify you as soon as the ropes are being shipped to you. 

If you have any questions regarding your ropes, please contact us at


Team Salti 

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