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Your floats and the sun

Hey guys,

I just wanted to remind you about your floats and the sun as we head into these warmer months.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “hot air rises”, but do you know why? When heat is applied to air molecules they move faster creating kinetic energy. This moving energy causes the air molecules to ‘spread out’ in process, called thermal expansion. It’s this thermal expansion we have to be aware of when we are talking about your Salti Floats and the sun.

If your floats are pumped to 12PSI as required and then left in the sun all day, you will find that the pressure of the float in the afternoon will have risen. The floats are designed with this in mind but it is good practice to keep your floats out of the direct sun to reduce the strain on the seams and fading of the EVA (non-slip) pads on top.

You will find that on warmer days your floats will be firmer than on colder mornings. This is due to the temperature of the air inside your float. Any amount of air takes up more space when it is hot, when the air is cooler it is more dense meaning you may have to give your float a few extra pumps to get it to the desired 12PSI.

Fun fact: Hot air floats on cold air because it is less dense. This is how hot air balloons get their lift.

So, to protect your Floats, please keep them out of the sun when not in use!

Have a happy summer!


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