Sticking with your new year health and fitness goals

Hands up if health and fitness made your list of goals in 2019? 

New Years' goals with Salti

Yep, ours too! We're sharing our top tips to stay on track with your goals as we move into a new year.

Know your why

Becoming clear on why your health and fitness is a priority is a good place to start. Perhaps your health took a back seat in 2018 and it's time to move your body again? Or you may want to build core strength so you can nail a handstand. Whatever your goal is, knowing your why is going to help keep you focused.

Keep it realistic

If your goal is to run a marathon, you can't expect to be able to jump out of bed on the first day of January and be able to run those km's. Just like any goal, it needs to be broken down in tiny bite-size pieces so it becomes attainable. If your goals aren't realistic, you're more likely to lose interest and motivation. Keep it real.

Schedule it in your day

Keeping track is just as important as scheduling. You're not going to do a no-show for an important business meeting, just like you're not going to flake on a training session. If it's in the diary, keep it there.

Stay accountable

There are many different ways to stay accountable. You can use an app to track progress, or perhaps a diary, or even just talking to a friend. Having an accountability buddy makes it a little easier too as you'll have someone to answer to if your decide to hit the snooze button instead of meeting your mate for your session.  

Make it fun

Moving your body does not have to be serious or competitive (unless of course you're driven by competition). We love Salti float sessions because they make us feel like we're big kids playing again, while getting a killer workout. If you don't have access to a Salti Float class, try some other kind of entertaining or lighthearted exercise, twerk, dance, climb, jump on a trampoline, channel that inner child and you may find a new fitness obsession.

Get social

Include your friends, colleagues, family members, or get to know the other participants joining in a group fitness activity. The encouragement from your loved ones is priceless and it'll feel great to be able to share in each other's successes and achievements.

Mix it up

We know that variety is the spice of life! With so many activities and classes at our fingertips mixing it up is what's going to keep you engaged and continuing to challenge your body and your mind.

So you tried a Float fitness sesh and you're hooked? Well what about a challenging yourself to a  float yoga session to target different muscles? Or perhaps after your session, jumping in the pool and going for a swim. Make the most of your memberships and class passes and see what is on in your area to give yourself something new to try, especially if things start to get a little stagnant.  

Celebrate the small wins

When we break down our goals into bite-sized chunks, it creates smaller, achievable goals to celebrate. So you managed to attend and smash out 3 group fitness classes this week? Then treat yo' self! It's ideal to keep your celebrations healthy, so some of our suggestions are a massage, a movie (sans the choc-top) or a camping trip away to get out in nature and still enjoy the endorphins. And G&T won't hurt. 

Don't beat yourself up

Not meeting a goal is not the end of the world. You may have a week of no activity due to illness, or perhaps you went to a party that threw your training off schedule due to oversleeping or poor hang-over food choices. Or you may not be seeing results as quickly as you would have liked...

Just know that you haven't fallen off the bandwagon. Your health and fitness goals are a constant and evolving journey. You have the power to make simple adjustments to your goals. And you always have tomorrow. Waking up tomorrow is a new day to start again, to get back at it and to be motivated.

Happy 2019.

Want to make a Salti Float session part of your 2019 health and fitness goals? Check out the class finder to find a pool near you.

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