The Salti beginnings... how it all started

So you’ve seen the bright Salti Floats popping up all over your social media, or perhaps in the news? Well here’s the short story as to where it all began!


A couple of Canberra locals who love the water, paddling, SUP yoga and keeping active were continuously chasing summer across the globe. Being from Canberra, the summer is short, which meant the water sport season is also short lived (have you experienced the Canberra weather?).


As winter rolls around each year, Canberran’s make a choice… you hibernate, get into snow sports, or chase summer. This time around, a decision was made to create a little slice of paradise for the endless summer to keep people active around water. Spreading 24/7 Salti vibes.   


Instructors themselves (yoga, swim, SUP), Team Salti wanted to give other instructors something more for their clients, to get active on water, to have fun while doing it and without worrying about the weather, water accessibility, water quality, or lugging heavy boards around - no trailer required!


The Salti Float was developed with a swimming pool in mind, perfectly fitting in between swim lanes and bringing board activities to the pool, with group fitness classes that are fun, light hearted and non-competitive, while building a solid community. And so the classes could continue all year round, in warm or cool climates and in inland locations.



The endless summer for water sports, for all locations was born! 


So, do you have access to a swimming pool? Well you can have an endless summer too! Learn more about the Salti Float here.


Run classes at your venue – Contact us to order for your venue!


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COVID-19 - keep your body moving during this time

COVID-19 - keep your body moving during this time

Sydney got Salti... the social highlights

Sydney got Salti... the social highlights


Wigglemania January 25 2018

Wish we had our own Salti Floats.

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