We want to help your community get active: Funding opportunities

Our mission is to show people how getting active can be fun and to help combat the current issue Australian’s are facing of low participation in sport and physical activity.

Only 59 per cent of Australians are getting active regularly, and national participation levels in swimming is reducing, which impacts the overall health of our nation, as well as businesses in the swimming/aquatics industry. 

As a nation of sport and water lovers, almost half are living a sedentary lifestyle. We believe that we can work together to help more people get active and grow recreational swimming participation by getting people back into the water! This is by giving Australians a fun and fresh way to move their body, while reinvigorating aquatic fitness, becoming a pathway for new recreation swimmers, or a cross training tool for exisiting swimmers. 

We know that low sport and physical activity impacts mental health, and according to the recent reports from Sport Australia, the high levels of sedentary behaviour and physical inactivity can have a significant negative impact on a nation’s health budget and wider economy. We want to do something to help!

We’d love to help swim clubs/pools take advantage of government grants and other funding opportunities currently available to increase participation in physical activity and keep people in the pool for longer. 

One grant in particular is the Victorian Government’s Active Club grant which is currently open until 31 August 2018 for Victorian based community sporting clubs. This is an opportunity for pool groups/leisure centres to encourage your clubs to apply so you can also leverage and open up a new program to your community along side them.

We understand that swim clubs are looking for new programs and opportunities to increase participation and keep people in the pool for longer, holding onto upcoming talent. We’ve had a number of swim coaches express to us how our product would be a great opportunity to keep their squads engaged for longer and offer a cross training program, particularly due to training benefits of the Salti Float, such as immediate core activation and strengthening the stabilising muscles.  

The Victorian Government is focusing on these key areas and we can support this with Salti: 

  • Female participation - more opportunities for women and girls to get involved at the community level including new programs. This Salti Float is highly attractive to the female population and provides a great opportunity to encourage women and girls to get active in a new floating fitness program that could be incorporated with a swimming or other type of program.
  • Social sport opportunities that have greater emphasis on fun, social interaction and enjoyment, and less emphasis on performance, results and competition.

As a pool, we encourage you to let your swim clubs know about this opportunity by chatting with them and discuss utilising/sharing the Floats to run your own classes for the general public also. We see this as a great opportunity for both clubs and pools to increase profits as well as increase the health and wellbeing of their communities. We’re interested in supporting any clubs/pools interested in applying.

If you’re interested in our support for this grant application, please email us .

If you're based in other states around Australia, feel free to also get in touch as we’d love to work with you to find grants in your area to increase participation and improve the health and wellbeing of your community.


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The Salti Float in action

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