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Why become a Salti instructor

Why become a Salti instructor

Salti group fitness instructor training

Salti instructors are expert leaders in their field, they know how to motivate, educate, encourage and inspire. And when you take part in our instructor training program, you'll be joining the growing network alongside our expert instructors from across the globe.

So what makes our training so special? Here are our top reasons why you should become a Salti instructor.

You learn from the very best

Our Master trainer is one of Australia's leading aqua instructor, she is passionate and well connected in the industry, nationally and internationally. You can trust that you are in the very best hands with our Master Trainer, mentoring you along the way, even after you complete your training.


You will be more confident

We teach you absolutely everything you need to know to get started, including equipment and safety, marketing and business, understanding exercises and muscle groups, modifications, cueing and variations, how to develop your own classes or utilise our pre-prepared class plans and programs.

You'll walk away with new found knowledge that will give you confidence and motivation to be the very best Salti group fitness instructor.


Our training has the highest level of CECs available for floating fitness programs

Eligible instructors receive 9 CECs from Fitness Australia upon completion on the course. This is higher than any other floating group fitness training on the market. You'll be levelling up by investing in your education and future when completing this course. 


You learn more than just the basics - you gain knowledge, experience and real insight to Salti floating group fitness

Our training is filled with hands-on practical exercises and experiences. Spread over two days so you can fully understand what it feels like on and off the Float.

You'll be taken through a number of drills that you wouldn't be exposed to just by attending a class or instructing classes without the training. There's a lot more to learn and you get it from our training.


You receive the most up-to-date knowledge and information 

Our program and classes are leading the way in floating group fitness, we stay up to date with the latest information, trends, education and we continue to learn too. 

Even after you complete your training, you'll have access to educational tools and information released by our HQ regularly. 


You become the expert and the face of Salti in your community

After the two days of training, you'll fully understand and embody our brand, our product and our classes. 

Salti instructors gain a greater understanding of our values and purpose, while learning to teach the 'Salti way' - with upbeat positivity, motivation and fun qualities that make participants feel welcomed and ready to come back for the next session.

Your passion for health, fitness and wellbeing blended with the skills and knowledge you develop during our training will help clients to trust in you as you provide them with an authentic, personalised experience.


You will help with client retention 

This leads into our final point, client retention. With your new found knowledge and experience, you'll have the ability to connect with clients, customers and prospective audiences, encouraging people to attend a class. You'll know how to teach the Salti way which will encourage people to come back for more.


Learn more: Become a Salti instructor


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