Women's Health Week 2018

The Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week is a week dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority. 

As a company motivated by health, fitness and wellbeing, we pride ourselves on fun ways to move because we know this has huge benefits on the overall wellbeing of our communities. So we asked some of our friends of Salti to share their tips on how they put their health first. 

Daniela - Women's health and fitness coach
Frisky Fitness Canberra @friskyfitnesscanberra

'As a Mum I know how hard it is to put yourself and your health first. 15% of women will suffer post-natal depression in the first year of childbirth; I was one of those. Simple ways to help combat this is to put your health first. This may be by getting some fresh air (alone), starting a fitness regime, incorporating natural remedies into your daily life, making some changes to your nutritional habits or by talking to a naturopath about ways to improve your health. Something I always tell my clients is to remember that putting your health first is not selfish! By creating healthy, happy energy within yourself you are creating an abundance of health and happiness for your family.'


Sheena - Communications Specialist
Specialists in Communications @sheena_ireland

'I put #MyHealthFirst by being present. It’s so easy to get swept away in the busy and the overwhelm of how much I can often try to cram into a day. But bringing myself back to the present, focusing entirely on a walk or a yoga session helps me be calm and look after my health. It also helps me then be more productive and get shit done. So it’s a win-win!'


Amy Darcy - Health and Lifestyle Blogger
Eat Pray Workout @eatprayworkout 

'Many people ask me – how can I be motivated to exercise regularly? My answer is
1) learn to love your body and what it does for you
2) Learn the importance of what exercise does for your body (beyond just weight loss)
3) Schedule it in and get your friends/family to help you commit to your workout sessions
4) Each time write down how the exercise made you feel afterwards and what you liked about it
5) Give yourself a reward when you complete your planned workouts (eg. get your nails done, have a massage, buy a new dress, visit a new café, go for a hike in bushland you’ve always wanted to explore).
If you do this for at least a month, your motivation will likely continue because you’re always focused on the positives of it, but also it will have become a habit so even on the days when you don’t quite feel like it you’ll be more likely just to do it anyway – and chances are you’ll love it once you’re there!'


Jo - Salti's Co-Founder & Managing Director
Salti Australia @salti_australia 

'As someone who is constantly on the go, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the busyness of it all and feel wired, fatigued, overwhelmed and stressed. To avoid this, it's important for me to put #MyHealthFirst by taking mindfulness breaks whenever I feel my shoulders creeping up to my ears, I check in with my breath and allow myself to stop and enjoy a coffee. I make sure I find time to move my body each day in ways that I know are going to make me feel good and are fun, such as anything water based (Salti!) or a paddle, yoga, pilates or a walk and an audio book. Moving our bodies helps to elevate our mood and endorphins, adding in an element of fun helps me to smile, reset, be grounded, present and recharged.' 


How do you put your health first? Let us know in the comments below!

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COVID-19 - keep your body moving during this time

COVID-19 - keep your body moving during this time

New location: Classes at Manly Pool, Brisbane

New location: Classes at Manly Pool, Brisbane


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