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Add a new experience to your venue with a ready-made business solution. Perfect for all types of venues with swimming facilities.

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    Run Salti group fitness classes at your pool - increase revenue, boost memberships, a total business solution

    Salti is the missing link to engage with new people in your community. Salti group fitness classes attract participants, mainly female between 25-45, due to its unstructured nature and it's allure of fun. This is an at-risk age group where physical activity reduces and a demographic seeking social interactions, active travel experiences and working out for pleasure.

    Salti is a ready made solution for you to increase your revenue, improve business efficiency and give you an opportunity to engage with new demographics in your community. We're here to support you along the way by making it easy for you to start running classes. This includes access to our member portal giving you marketing, business and program support.


    All the tools you need to get started


    Salti float group fitness classes North Sydney Olympic Pool

    ✔ Quality equipment


    Our products are rigorously tested for high quality and safety and come with one year warranty.


    ✔ Programming


    We've developed Salti Active pre-choreographed class plans to provide consistency across venues when needed, helping instructors and venues keep their classes fresh and to be able to concentrate on what matters. There are three class types that you can use if you wish and can be modified to suit venues and participants. New programs released regularly.


    ✔ Exercise libraries


    You'll have access to our exercise libraries providing you with full instructions and photos, helping to inspire instructors and assist you when you need it.


    ✔ Member portal


    Our exclusive Member portal provides exclusive member support, educational material and tools to help you get the most out of our Salti program. You can also connect with other venues and instructors within our network.




    ✔ Marketing & business tools


    Inside our Member portal you will have access to all the marketing promotional material, launch guides and business support so you launch your program easily.


    ✔ Optional Instructor training


    Our 2 day intensive instructor training course is led by our world class Master Trainer, equipping new instructors with all the tools they need to run effective and safe group fitness classes, the Salti way. Instructors will earn 9 CEC's from Fitness Australia, the highest number of CEC's earned compared to any other Floating fitness instructor course available.


    ✔ Personalised service


    We are here to support you to help your program succeed. You'll have direct access to our team to provide ongoing support when you need it.

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    Why choose Salti for your venue Salti group fitness classes - 1 year warranty, fast & free shipping, international shipping available, a new successful revenue stream, trusted support, Marketing & business tools, online member portal, class plans & programs, instructor training


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