Salti Active - pre choreographed class plans for Salti group fitness classes

Salti Active | Pre-choreographed class plans

Salti Active is our pre-choreographed program making it easy for instructors and venues to deliver consistent classes across their venue and the Salti network.
Developed by industry professionals so participants have the most effective workout, Salti Active has three programs and intensity levels to cater for different demographics.
Salti Active - pre choreographed class plans for floating group fitness classes - Yoga inspired Salti Stretch, Salti Strength, Salti Sweat HIIT style

Found in our online Member Portal, Salti Active is there to help your venue!

✔ Completely optional and flexible

✔ There to provide inspiration when needed

✔ Can be fully integrated in your group fitness timetable

Salti Active programs are released regularly, easy to follow class plans, provide inspiration to instructors and consistency across venues,  cater to all demographics and classes your clients will love


Salti exercise libraries

Inside the Salti exercise library available through our online member portal

✔ Found inside our online Member portal

✔ Complete with photos, instructions and cueing, set up, benefits, modifications and progressions

✔ Developed specifically for exercises on the Salti Float

✔ Yoga, fitness and instructor inspiration libraries

✔ Libraries added to and updated regularly 


Benefits of workout out on water with Salti

Salti floating group fitness is a workout like no other. It provides a full body workout, it's fun and accessible to range of demographics.

Find out about the benefits of working out on water with Salti.


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