What is Salti Active?

Salti Active is our pre-choreographed program making class programming easy for you, made up of three styles and intensity levels to cater for different demographics.

Salti Sweat | A fast paced, high vibe anaerobic sweat session
High intensity – 30 mins

Salti Strength | Full body endurance workout to build lean and strong muscles
Moderate intensity – 30 mins

Salti Stretch | A yoga and mobility inspired workout to challenge the body and mind
Low intensity – 45 mins

Instructors can use these class plans or switch out different exercises from the exercise library.

Have you developed your own session plan that your clients loved? Share it with us so other instructors can recreate it!

We suggest instructors practice the programs before teaching to clients. Feel free to send any feedback to hello@salti.com.au or start a conversation on our Instructor Connect Facebook group.

New programs are released every quarter.