Salti floating group fitness benefits to working out on water

A workout like no other

Floating group fitness classes on the Salti Float offers participants a fun and light hearted way to get active.
Participants benefit from a full body workout, social interaction and a boost in wellbeing.

Why Salti is a great workout

Salti floating fitness class

 ✔ A full body workout with a focus on core strength

✔ Engages the core and stabiliser muscles automatically

✔ Improves balance, flexibility, mobility and stability

✔  Trains the brain and improves the ability to stay focused and in the present moment

✔ Increases strength

✔ Makes muscles work evenly

✔  Discover and use muscles that are hard to train and not often used

✔ Low impact

✔ Mentally and physically challenging

✔  Accessible to a range of different levels

✔  It's fun and offers a unique alternative to getting active

✔ It's social, inclusive and light hearted




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